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190 pounds

190 pounds this morning, and two days to go. I’ve been drinking the Cokes warm at my desk all day since I’m tired of stocking and restocking the mini fridge in the office kitchen and constantly running to get another. Screw it. Drink ‘em warm. The LA Weekly interviewed me this week, and their article […]

189 lbs

I’m up to 189 lbs. 21 pounds of gain in four weeks. This is the last day of four weeks of this ridiculous diet and I can’t wait until two more days pass, for a total of 30 days, so I can stop drinking Coke and start losing weight. I have to wear shorts at […]

USDA estimates

186.5 lbs. The USDA estimates that Americans consume 156 pounds of sugar annually per capita. That’s the average, so for every guy like me who (in normal times) doesn’t eat much sugar, there’s somebody out there who’s eating a pound. Anyway, that’s nearly a half pound on average, per person, per day. And that’s added […]

Pound a Day

187.5 pounds this morning. I’m continuing to gain weight at the rate of nearly 1 pound a day. One of the main reasons why I’m drinking all this Coke is to get people talking about how much sugar they eat, and just discussing diet in general. Diet is like this taboo topic sometimes, because people […]

Monster Leap

Wow, another monster leap in weight: 185.5 pounds this morning. I really thought my weight had kind of stabilized. I’m so surprised to see it still climbing! It’s like a monster growing inside me. Where will it end? How much can fat cells store? The machine estimates my body fat at about 15% now, so […]

21st Day of Coke drinking

184 pounds this morning – the 21st day. Sudden leap in weight after holding steady at about 182 for the last three days.. Nine days to go. Weird thing was that I weighed 188.5 when I went to bed. How does a person lose 4.5 pounds overnight? Exhaled water? Part of my soul escaping? Really […]

The Results are In!

181 pounds on the morning after the 15th day, for a 13 pound gain over 15 days. Could it be possible that I gain 26 pounds over the 30 days of Coke drinking? No way… Right? How should you think about this? If you only ingest, say, half of the sugar that I ingest (which […]

First Half Done

I’ve enjoyed 150 Cokes over the last 15 days. I’ll get the total first half weight gain when I weigh in the morning, but as of this morning I was up 11.5 pounds. Measured my body fat yesterday and it was up to 12% – not too high, really, but still 3% up from where […]

Eight Pounds of Weight Gain and Holding

My weight has been holding steady at 176 since Saturday, so I seem to be stuck here, or paused here. Maybe this is it, who knows. I’ve got more than two weeks to go. One of the most curious things has been my fasting blood glucose levels. First, I was surprised to find that it […]

Fifth day

Well, today, the fifth day of 10 Cokes a day, started with a surprise: my weight dropped a pound! And my fasting blood sugar was lower than it had been since I started measuring, a week ago, at 93 mg/dL. Who knows why. The human body is such a mystery. I’m going back to the doctor […]