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How a typical journalist misunderstands sugar

A friend sent me an article from the magazine “Bicycling,” warning readers to avoid some lies about sugar. A link to the article follows below. I recommending reading it now, and seeing what you think, before considering my opinion in the balance of this post. http://www.bicycling.com/food/nutrition/don-t-believe-these-three-lies-about-sugar I enjoyed the article, but mostly for the entertaining […]

Obesity Spreads Across World

Take a look at this frightening article in today’s New York Times: Global Diabetes Rates are Rising as Obesity Spreads. Yikes! Yes, obesity is spreading across the world, with its sinister little side-effects: diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The rates of all those things rise as poor countries develop into less-poor ones. The good news […]

Blood Work Results are In

So, the blood test results are in. Finally. My TV show friends had wisely suggested that it might make a cleaner experiment if I didn’t know the results from the first test, before I drank the Diet Cokes, until we got the results from the blood tests AFTER the experiment. In other words, I didn’t […]

First day of not drinking Diet Cokes

This is my first day without drinking Diet Cokes. I feel fine. No withdrawal. Switched back to espresso and water. Easy so far, and soooo nice not to have to go the bathroom fifteen times a day. Since yesterday was my last day of 30 Days of Diet Coke, today I went to the blood […]

Last Day of Diet Coke Drinking

I have to say, I’m a little sad that this is the last day of Diet Coke drinking. Okay, not that sad – but it had gotten pretty easy to live with by the last week or so. It wasn’t really difficult or unpleasant. I worked out a routine where I would have two Diet Cokes […]

Ugghh. Tired of drinking so much Diet Coke

Tomorrow I’m going to have to look for some Diet Cherry Coke or something to break the monotony. It seems like there’s always a long line of Diet Cokes ahead of me. Like that fairy tale about the porridge pot that keeps refilling itself as soon as its empty – until you say the magic […]

Why all the Diet Coke Haters?

One strange thing I’m noticing, now that I’m about 140 Diet Cokes into this experiment, is that it seems like a lot of people have it out for Diet Cokes. Why the haters? But after two weeks of drinking 10 Diets a day, I have to report that sugared Coke was MUCH worse on my […]

Another day of Diet Coke Drinking

Three more diet Cokes to go today. Whatever – it’s still early afternoon. I start the day with ten cans lined up across the desk and just work my way through. Took my blood pressure in the morning, and then again this afternoon, and in spike of the 7 Diet Cokes, it is only marginally […]