My Normal Diet and Exercise

You’d probably call me sort of a Paleo diet guy. I’ve been aware of the dangers of too many carbs in your diet ever since Atkins, and the Zone, twenty years ago, and I’ve been eating along those lines since then. In other words, I don’t have cereal and pancakes for breakfast, I have bacon and eggs.

I’m likely to peel off the top bun from my hamburger for lunch, and have another patty instead of an order of fries. Dinner is meat or fish and green vegetables. I’m not perfect, however – I eat ice cream before bed a couple times a week, I drink beer, and when I socialize I eat pretty much what everybody else is enjoying.
I’m not crazy about all the Paleo rules. I think the most important things to keep in mind with diet are these:

1. Fat doesn’t make you fat, carbs make you fat.

2. A high insulin level makes you fat, not high calorie or fat consumption.

3. The most important ingredient in any meal or snack is: Protein.

That said, there’s a whole bunch more stuff I think about diet, but I can tell you love the topic, and I think one of the most tragic situations in life is an overweight person trying to lose weight by reducing calories or fat intake. They’re tired, frustrated, and, finally, they fail. But there’s time to discuss this over the next 30 days.
Exercise: I’ve been a slacker for the last year or two. I’ve got two kids and a job and I don’t have enough time (excuse!) I probably make it to the gym for some weights, or out for a run, about once a week. And I work in an office, which is very bad for your health.

I almost never eat bread.
I like butter in my coffee.
I almost never have any carbs for breakfast.
I sometimes eat Chinese for lunch – no rice, just the Jalapeno Chicken.
I think hot dogs are a near perfect food.
I find that when I do eat some carbs like potato chips, that I’m hungry for carbs for the rest of the day.

I’m super far from being really good Paleo: I drink beer and I sometimes eat ice cream at night.

My Stats and Numbers Before I started drinking Ten Cokes a Day:

​Weight: 168
Blood Pressure: 135/80
Fasting Glucose Level: 96 mg/dL
Cholesterol: 359 125-200 mg/dL rec’d
Triglicerides: 80 36-195 mg/dL rec’d
HDL: 112 30-65 mg/dL rec’d
LDL: 231 65-140 mg/dL rec’d
Chol/HDL: 3.21 4.8-6.0 Ratio
LDL/HDL: 2.06 3.0-6.0 Ratio

My Stats and Numbers AFTER 30 Days of Coke Drinking

​Weight: 191
Blood Pressure: 143/96
Fasting Glucose Level: 86 mg/dL
Cholesterol: 233 125-200 mg/dL rec’d
Triglicerides: 62 36-195 mg/dL rec’d
HDL: 94 30-65 mg/dL rec’d
LDL: 127 65-140 mg/dL rec’d
Chol/HDL: 2.5 4.8-6.0 Ratio