USDA estimates

186.5 lbs. The USDA estimates that Americans consume 156 pounds of sugar annually per capita. That’s the average, so for every guy like me who (in normal times) doesn’t eat much sugar, there’s somebody out there who’s eating a pound. Anyway, that’s nearly a half pound on average, per person, per day. And that’s added sugar; it doesn’t account for the sugar we get naturally from fruit and vegetables.
And can you guess where 33% of all that added sugar comes from? Soft drinks. That’s a big chunk. The first thing to eliminate from your diet, if you want an easy start to better health, is sugared soft drinks.

I stopped and talked with a neighbor yesterday who was on his way to 7-11 to get his usual afternoon treat of a brownie and some ice cream. And we talked about sodas, too; he often has a soda in the morning because it’s easier than coffee while he’s getting ready for work. And that’s it for the day, right, because once you start with the carbs, you’re hungry for them all day.

After talking for a while he wondered if maybe if he cut out sodas, he could cut back on his Lipitor. How many of us could have equations like that in our lives?

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