Blood Work Results are In

So, the blood test results are in. Finally. My TV show friends had wisely suggested that it might make a cleaner experiment if I didn’t know the results from the first test, before I drank the Diet Cokes, until we got the results from the blood tests AFTER the experiment.
In other words, I didn’t have a clue what to expect.
To briefly recap: after drinking 10 Diet Cokes a day for 30 days, my basic physiological condition did not change: no weight gain at all, no changes in fasting blood glucose measurements, or blood pressure. Felt good, had energy, slept well, no cravings.
But what really happened – inside, might be much worse than a little bit of weight gain, so I had very sophisticated blood work done before and after the test and then the results analyzed by a doctor.
Here’s what the blood tests showed: Nothing really happened. My Lipid profile shifted very slightly. Not really anything else. 300 Diet Cokes in.
I’m going to create a chart to post on the site with details from the blood work, but here’s some of the basics for now:
Total Cholesterol went from 318 to 326 mg/dL
But the good HDL went from 106 to 124
And the Bad LDL improved slightly 197 to 190
The level of insulin in my blood rose slightly from 1.2 to 2.8 uIU/mL – but the reference range is 2.6 -24.9, so these are both super-low readings.
Yeah, it’s all pretty boring. Nothing happened. And when it was regular Coke I was drinking, my body and health blew up. I’ll post the rest of the details of the blood work Monday, but for now, I gotta tell you… I’m wondering if it’s sugar industry lobbyists who are creating the “Diet Soda is Bad For You” articles.

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  1. Jessica
    Jessica says:

    I am wondering how your gut flora was impacted on the different types of sugars and how your bowel movements were?
    That may be a follow up study if you’d be willing to do this again to yourself.

    Or better yet, how’s your candida?

    I support your dedication, I don’t think I could drink that volume ever and not get sick of it!

  2. Giseñle Castillo
    Giseñle Castillo says:

    Do to stress and depression I began to drink regular Coke (anywhere between 4-7 a day). I’ve gained 29 lbs in a year, have major issues with my teeth. I really need and want to stop, but don’t know how. I wondered how you stopped drinking the regular coke? Any suggestions?

    Desperately seeking to cease Coke!

    • admin
      admin says:

      Sorry for the late reply. I recommend that you stop eating all grains and sugars. Eat a lot of fatty meats. Put coconut oil and butter, but not sugar, in your morning coffee or tea, and just eat eggs fried in butter and bacon grease for breakfast. Drink a Diet Coke when you need a treat. You will immediately be able to stop drinking the Cokes. Then you’ll be able to go all day eating just meat and fat, and the salad you include with dinner will taste delicious. Then you’ll lose weight, the diabetes will get better, your depression will lift, and you’ll begin handling the stress better. Good luck.


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