Obesity Spreads Across World

Take a look at this frightening article in today’s New York Times: Global Diabetes Rates are Rising as Obesity Spreads. Yikes!
Yes, obesity is spreading across the world, with its sinister little side-effects: diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. The rates of all those things rise as poor countries develop into less-poor ones.
The good news is that death rates due to obesity related diseases are actually lower because of improved medical care for these diseases. The bad news? That medical care costs billions.
And what does this all come down to? Insulin. Grains and sugars raise our insulin levels and with a high insulin level you gain weight and eventually get diabetes, etc. When countries improve economically, people eat more. Which is great – except when they’re eating foods that the human body is not designed to eat, foods that spike insulin levels unnaturally, foods that cause disease and death.

NY Times article

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