My weight loss diet:

So, here’s the basic diet I’m following while I lose weight. It’s actually pretty close to my normal diet, except I add in more carb-free time.

My main goal is to lower my insulin level so that my fat cells don’t store fat. To do this I basically don’t eat grains (bread, cereal, etc) or sugars, and hardly any fruit. I mainly eat meats, fish, egg, chicken, and green salads.

In addition to this, I want to actually get in some time of not eating carbs at all, so that my body nears or enters ketosis, and I actively burn fat. I eat plenty of oils and fats, have lots of energy, and no hunger. I’ll often do this for most of a day, and sometimes for a day or two.

Here’s a pretty detailed record of exactly what I eat every day while I’m losing weight:

(I’m starting after Thanksgiving, because who wants to hear about all the turkey and pig I ate, right?)

Monday, December 1:
b: turkey soup, coffee with butter
l: small handful of salami slices
d: New York steak and salad, beer

Tuesday, Dec 2
b: turkey soup, coffee with butter
l: hot dog, no bun, mustard, from am-pm
d: pizza

Wednesday, Dec 3
b: 3 eggs with a lot of butter
l: jalapeno chicken from the Chinese place

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