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Diet Soda on Keto diet

Can I drink diet soft drinks while I’m doing a low-carb or keto diet? It’s a big question. In general, I say, Yes, absolutely! There are, of course, some early studies which describe an effect on the microbes in your digestive system whendrinking artificially sweetened soda. And those studies may prove important; we are just […]

The Keto Drinking Man’s Diet

Here’s an interesting and enjoyable version of a Keto Diet, which features, basically, regular or occasional drinking while being in ketosis. Lose weight and feel, um, tipsy. But how can drink and stay in ketosis? By drinking only clear hard alcohol like vodka or tequila. I speak for dark liquors personally, I’ve only tried this […]

I’ve lost almost all the weight

More solid weight loss. Weighed in at 172 this morning, so I’ve got four pounds to lose in five days to lose all the weight in 30 days. Seems possible. Just. I’m living on bulletproof coffee all day – just coffee with butter and coconut oil, and then having a normal dinner. Seems to work […]

Six Pounds of Weight Loss to Go

175 lbs. Half pound weight drop, but here’s what’s REALLY interesting: As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’d heard, from my Paleo brother, that drinking hard alcohol while in Ketosis doesn’t stop and ruin the ketosis like drinking a beer would, requiring additional time to restart it, the alcohol just pauses the ketosis while the body […]


Boom. 179.5lbs. Second day of no carbs. Also fasting glucose is at the lowest level I’ve seen since testing: 74 mg/dL. Had a rib eye steak for dinner and New York for breakfast. Having smoked sausage for lunch. Not hungry, energy’s high. New articles today on Ten Cokes in Buzzfeed, UPI, etc, but I’m most psyched […]


Uh-oh. 182 pounds again. That’s it. No carbs today at all. Breakfast: bacon and eggs, coffee with butter and coconut oil. Lunch: hamburger patty, and half my son’s hamburger patty. Dinner: I got a fat steak in my headlights and a diet ginger ale. Oh, and I also had three espressos today, too. No sugar, […]

It wasn’t an arm…

182 pounds. Monster loss over the last day. I allow a pound or so deviation due to water weight variances, so 2 1/2 pounds is probably not totally accurate, but I do expect to lose 1 1/2 pounds on average per day. Yesterday I didn’t any carbs until dinner, just meat and buttered coffee. But then at […]

Weight Loss after Eight Days

Guess what? It turns out that it’s hard to lose weight over Thanksgiving. Who knew, huh? My weight has been basically unchanged over the last five days, at about 186 pounds. It was a holiday though, and my philosophy of diet is that you eat right most of the time, so that you can eat […]

10 Cokes Weight loss Update

187 lbs this morning. After 3 days of not drinking ten Cokes a day, I’ve dropped five pounds. Now, keep in mind that the first two days I didn’t feel very well and had little appetite. On Monday, for example, I ate only two pieces of bacon in the morning, and a small slice of […]

30 Days Completed!

The total weight gain for my 30 Days of 10 Cokes a day is 23 pounds. I’m going for a blood lipid test tomorrow morning, and I’ll see if my cholesterol levels have been affected. I started out with Paleo cholesterol, which is radically high good cholesterol, and we’ll see if just 30 days can […]