Pound a Day

187.5 pounds this morning. I’m continuing to gain weight at the rate of nearly 1 pound a day.
One of the main reasons why I’m drinking all this Coke is to get people talking about how much sugar they eat, and just discussing diet in general. Diet is like this taboo topic sometimes, because people cling to their own dietary beliefs as strongly as they do to religious or political beliefs. And the most ironic handicap to discussing and learning: you can’t talk about diet very comfortably around anyone who is overweight. At worst you’re pointing out that they’re overweight, and at the very least you’re probably saying their dietary ideas are wrong.
So, if my little experiment gets anybody talking, it’s done its job. What should you discuss?

Dietary fat doesn’t cause weight gain. Eat fat. Fat good.
High insulin levels cause weight gain.
Sugar and grains cause high insulin levels.
You don’t have to burn all the calories you eat. They’ll go straight through your digestive system if your insulin level is low.

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