21st Day of Coke drinking

184 pounds this morning – the 21st day. Sudden leap in weight after holding steady at about 182 for the last three days.. Nine days to go. Weird thing was that I weighed 188.5 when I went to bed. How does a person lose 4.5 pounds overnight? Exhaled water? Part of my soul escaping?
Really rough headache all day today. Who knows if that’s related to my new sugar addiction or not? For the first time, I went all day without buttoning the top two buttons of my jeans – just held the pants closed with the belt. Seriously, I’m gaining weight like a vacuum cleaner in a ball bearing factory.

I briefly ran out of Cokes mid-day in the office yesterday, but was in meetings and couldn’t run out for more Cokes. Thought it would be fine, but after about an hour of no Coke I started getting dizzy and angry and completely out of energy. Felt like I didn’t care about anything, didn’t care about the job, about people, about anything. Found myself picking up empty Coke cans from the zillion that are strewn around my office floor, piling in drifts along the walls, and trying to suck out the last drops of flat stale Coke.

Can’t believe how the weight goes up and up. I mean, I always thought this logically, rationally – that’s why I’ve been eating Paleo for twenty years – but now that I’m eating a real American dosage of sugar I’m astounded. I can totally understand the frustration of people who are trying to lose weight and can’t. My weight gain feels uncontrollable, like a monster living inside me, and the only difference between me now and me a month ago is the Coke.
And I don’t eat that much. You can scoff at me and say that normal people don’t drink ten Cokes, but the amount of sugar I’m ingesting is normal for half the country. Basically leaves no question about the root of our obesity and diabetes epidemic.
And it doesn’t have to be Coke. I want to make sure I’m emphasizing this: Fruit juice does the same thing. Organic, gluten-free, free-range, Jamba juice paid for in Bitcoin makes you gain weight the same as my Coke.

I went to the dermatologist today to show her the red scabby patch that’s developed on my arm over the last week or two. She asked if there had been any changes to my diet recently. How can I respond? Um, I’m an idiot and I’m gulping down Ten Cokes a Day for Science? It kind of forces my doctor to suggest that perhaps I shouldn’t drink so much Coke. What else could she say? “Oh, well, okay, but besides the Cokes, are you doing anything that might be bad for you?”
Only 90 Cokes to go. How bad could it be?

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