Monster Leap

Wow, another monster leap in weight: 185.5 pounds this morning. I really thought my weight had kind of stabilized. I’m so surprised to see it still climbing! It’s like a monster growing inside me. Where will it end? How much can fat cells store? The machine estimates my body fat at about 15% now, so I’m not exactly obese yet. I probably have a way to go, but that means my total body fat has increased by more than 50% so far in the last three weeks.

I’ve got about a week to go now. I knew that my weight would increase, but I have to say I’m very impressed by the continuous gain. It doesn’t seem to matter much how I’m eating otherwise, my body is just in fat-storing mode.

My niece texted me yesterday and asked if  I would please, please, quit this, that she was worried that I would die. A business partner said the same thing – except he also pointed out that I’m a dumbass. And a nice lady in my office said that the bad thing for me is, that if I do happen to die while I’m doing this, then everyone will think I’m stupid, and no one will feel sorry for me.

Well, I’m not going to die. Not today. Maybe after 300 days on Coke, or a couple years – but that’s what so many people are doing to themselves right now. Look at your own sugar intake, and include fruits and juices. Do you have a friend or family member who is suffering from insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease? I am eating a lot of sugar, and it is bad for me – but I’m not eating that much more sugar than most of the people we love and spend our lives with. We should also be asking them to quit the crazy diet.

And, I’m not advocating any kind of crazy life where you don’t eat sugar. When I’m eating my normal Paleo diet, I still have ice cream when I want, eat dessert with friends, drink a beer or a milkshake – but I recognize those things as treats – not food.

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