189 lbs

I’m up to 189 lbs. 21 pounds of gain in four weeks. This is the last day of four weeks of this ridiculous diet and I can’t wait until two more days pass, for a total of 30 days, so I can stop drinking Coke and start losing weight. I have to wear shorts at the office because my pants don’t fit. My face is filled out and kind of round like a chubby little baby, and, also like a little baby, I keep pooping my pants.
Can’t wait to lose weight. I don’t seem to have developed diabetes or much insulin resistance yet, but a few more months like this would probably do the trick.
I got an email on my website today from a guy who asked if I’ve been using the Coke Rewards coupons from my Coke cartons, and if not, can he have them…
What could I get from 300 cans of Coke? A free 2 litre bottle? 10% off dentistry?

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