190 pounds

190 pounds this morning, and two days to go.

I’ve been drinking the Cokes warm at my desk all day since I’m tired of stocking and restocking the mini fridge in the office kitchen and constantly running to get another. Screw it. Drink ‘em warm.

The LA Weekly interviewed me this week, and their article about Ten Cokes a Day is in this week’s issue. Happily it doesn’t make me look like too much of an idiot, but I’m prepared for a bit of skepticism here and there anyway. Because, yes, the truth is that everybody probably knows that drinking ten Cokes a day isn’t healthy. Coca-cola Company would probably agree – but the main point of this little experiment is that the amount of sugar I’m eating is not out of proportion from what most Americans eat on a daily basis. What are the statistics now? 2/3 of us are overweight, and 1/3 of us obese? That pretty closely corresponds to how many of us eat this huge amount of sugar.

Looks like I’m also in Huffington Post, Thrillist, and a number of other news outlets. I feel a little embarrassed, actually, but the main point of my experiment is to raise awareness, to get people talking about sugar, about weight gain and loss, about how diets work or don’t work – so if the media exposure gets people talking about it… Hell, if one person decides to switch from sugared soft drinks to diet, then at least I didn’t drink 300 Cokes in vain.

What if I kept drinking Cokes? I’d keep gaining weight, right? It doesn’t make sense to think that I wouldn’t, but the scary thing is that, what if I cut back on Cokes, but replaced the missing Cokes with other “healthier” items, like juices, fruit smoothies, sports drinks, and fruit?
The same thing. I’d keep gaining weight.
Tomorrow’s my last day of Coke drinking. Counting today, I’ve got 13 more Cokes to drink. They might be the last 13 Cokes I drink in my life.
Besides Diet.

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  1. Tytu
    Tytu says:

    Low carb = low cal. That’s why it works. Plain and simple. When you reomve one whole macronutrient from your plate, you reduce your calories by approx 1/3rd. Was nothing to do with food type. You can lose weight eating pasta, or rice, or yams. So long as you run a calorie deficit. I eat lean protein, carbs, fat. I just eat less and I exercise more. I lost 30 lbs in 4 months and kept it off 2 yrs now. Eat from smaller plates. Ur eyes see a full plate, but ur eating less. Go walking too


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