Weight Loss after Eight Days

Guess what? It turns out that it’s hard to lose weight over Thanksgiving. Who knew, huh? My weight has been basically unchanged over the last five days, at about 186 pounds.

It was a holiday though, and my philosophy of diet is that you eat right most of the time, so that you can eat poorly some of the time… but I went so far off the Paleo diet that Robert Atkins may have rolled over in his grave. Stuffing, deserts, chips, pig roast, fresh bread, fried potatos, tacos and Margaritas at El Coyote restaurant, pizza – but no Cokes, actually.

So, now I’m really going to dial down the carb consumption, maybe even try and get my body into ketosis so that I start releasing and burning those fat stores, really kick start the weight loss. I’m tired of the little gut, although my wife, kindly, says she likes it.

I got a great note on the website today from a girl named Kate who has just stopped drinking Cokes. Here’s the note:

Hi, George: I was on Yahoo when I saw the article about 10 cokes a day. I clicked on it, watched your video and am amazed. My housemates and I started a detox diet yesterday and it’s been especially hard for me because I drink about 5-8 20oz soda’s a day. Water has never really been an option for me until yesterday when I agreed to not drink any soda or eat sugared foods for one month. Within 12 hours, the headache started. The lack of sugar is driving my body nuts, but after seeing your stats on how much your body went down hill in just 30 days, I realize I have to do this. I have a feeling I’ll be watching your video everyday for the next 30 days to remind me why I’m doing this. Thank you…in the name of science =)

This is exactly why I’m doing this blog, exactly why I’m doing this experiment. Thanks, Kate.

So, here I go. Hopefully some meaningful weight loss for a while now.

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