10 Cokes Weight loss Update

187 lbs this morning. After 3 days of not drinking ten Cokes a day, I’ve dropped five pounds. Now, keep in mind that the first two days I didn’t feel very well and had little appetite. On Monday, for example, I ate only two pieces of bacon in the morning, and a small slice of meatloaf for dinner. That’s it. But I wasn’t hungry. Yesterday ate more – eggs and bacon, beans, sausage and onions – and today I had a bacon and sausage breakfast. So, I’m really throwing my body back into fat-burning mode from the start. Yesterday and today I felt better than I have in a month. It’s weird, because I didn’t think I was feeling that bad while I was drinking the Cokes, but now that I’m Coke-free I really notice an increased energy level, and definitely a better mood. I feel lighter somehow, and I don’t think it’s just from the 5 pounds…

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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