Uh-oh. 182 pounds again. That’s it. No carbs today at all.

Breakfast: bacon and eggs, coffee with butter and coconut oil.
Lunch: hamburger patty, and half my son’s hamburger patty.
Dinner: I got a fat steak in my headlights and a diet ginger ale.

Oh, and I also had three espressos today, too. No sugar, obviously.

I’ve done a bunch of press interviews over the last two days, and everybody I speak with seems to get it, that drinking the ten Cokes is to get people’s attention about the important issues of sugar in diet and how your insulin level is the important thing to consider in weight control, not calories. But all the comments on news articles are like, “Duh, what did you think was going to happen when you drank ten Cokes?”

Well, I thought I would gain weight, but not 23 pounds. It’s a surprise. And the real result is fantastic: thousands of people are really thinking about how much sugar is in their diet.

Thanks for all the new likes and comments and advice, except for the people who think I need a pedicure…

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