Six Pounds of Weight Loss to Go

175 lbs. Half pound weight drop, but here’s what’s REALLY interesting:
As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’d heard, from my Paleo brother, that drinking hard alcohol while in Ketosis doesn’t stop and ruin the ketosis like drinking a beer would, requiring additional time to restart it, the alcohol just pauses the ketosis while the body uses the alcohol for energy and then continues.

So, last night I had a vodka martini, and measured my ketosis with the Ketostix: Sure enough. Gone. No ketosis.

But this morning I measured again and I was back in ketosis, and at the highest level I have yet achieved. I love that stuff! (The information and experimentation, I mean, not the vodka.)

So, I’ve got six pounds to still lose. I was hoping to do it by this Friday, but that’s not looking likely, as my average weight loss is about a pound a day.

Just to prove that I don’t only eat steaks, here’s a photo of my lunch, of smoked salmon and deli ham. Salmon is great for ketosis because it has lots of fat, which supports your energy levels and is just great for you all around. The mustard is about as carb-free as condiments get. Except home-made mayonnaise.

Jump in. Try this experiment: Just eat carb free until dinner, and then eat what you want. Breakfast and lunch just proteins and fats, and then dinner is whatever you want. Try it for a couple days.

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