Four Cokes In

Four cokes in and it’s 11:30. I need to pick up the pace. I want to stop drinking Cokes by 4 pm., so I can eventually sleep, which means I’ve got six more (six and half; I’m not done with this one) to drink in the next four hours. And I have to drink lunch.

So far, I’m a bit jittery from the caffeine, but not much worse than when I drink espresso all day. Oh, and I did have some espresso, too. I forgot. This morning, after two cokes, I was groggy and dispirited, feeling the weight of all those Cokes ahead of me, and I slammed two espressos just for the warmth and comfort.

But, basically, I’m still feeling like, yeah, I can do this.

There. I just finished number four.

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