Another day of Diet Coke Drinking

Three more diet Cokes to go today. Whatever – it’s still early afternoon. I start the day with ten cans lined up across the desk and just work my way through.

Took my blood pressure in the morning, and then again this afternoon, and in spike of the 7 Diet Cokes, it is only marginally higher. 127/79 this morning, and 130/83 at 2 pm. And my BP is typically higher in the afternoon than morning, so the rise doesn’t mean much. I’m just glad it’s down in a reasonable range.

The excellent doctor who examined me before the experiment and will examine me afterwards, and look at the results of our blood tests, also wanted me to make sure and take my BP readings at the same time all day, so I’m measuring in the a.m.

Caffeine and dehydration haven’t been bothering me as much in the office this week.

Have a great weekend.

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