First Day of Diet Coke Drinking

Today was the first day of 10 Diet Cokes a day, and it was tough start – partly because I’m in Nashville setting up a trade show for business, so I woke up in a hotel and couldn’t get my hands on a Diet Coke until I got to the Nashville Music City Center, where Diet Cokes were $3 a piece. Drank two there in the morning, and then made it out to a Walmart to buy a case and drank the rest throughout the rest of the day – out in the freezing rain, while setting up our outdoor booth. Rough.

Another thing was that the caffeine content of the Diet Cokes seems much stronger than in the regular Cokes. Have to look it up, but every time I drank a Diet Coke I got a definite caffeine buzz, and now, at 10:30 at night back in the hotel, I’m still wired and not ready to sleep, even though we have to be up early for the Expo. On the other hand, actually drinking the Diet Cokes is much easier than drinking the regular Cokes. No feeling of sluggishness from the blood sugar peaks and valleys, no feeling of fullness; they go down pretty easy.

No changes in weight or blood pressure yet, and we’ll have a look at blood glucose in the a.m.

Tomorrow I’ll be outside all day in 25 degrees F and 6 inches of snow, chugging Diet Cokes. Should be fun. And buzzy. Hope I don’t get too addicted to the caffeine. Maybe I’ll write a novel. Like right now. Before bed.

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