Fourth Day

Fourth day, and I’m feeling fine and singing the praises of the sugar drip. I get it now. I was actually craving the first Coke of the day, and could hardly wait to finish my weight measurement and fasting glucose test to crack it open. I finished the second before breakfast, and then I wasn’t even hungry. Just fed the kids and finally, out of some sense of adult responsibility, made myself eat some eggs and burger before I left for work. And then, at work, I sat happily drinking Coke after Coke all day. So good. Never felt bloated, but again, at far past lunch I kind of had to make myself eat protein, but only had one hot dog where I normally have two. Instead of hunger, I craved Coke.

Also, my body seems to have adjusted to the new diet. This morning’s weight was 172.5 lbs, just a half pound more than yesterday, and my fasting glucose level actually improved, to 102mg/dL, from 104 the day before.

Had a burger for dinner, and the result is that today I actually ate less food, not counting the Cokes, than I normally do. It’s like a Devil’s Diet. Have I accidentally stumbled on some crazy health regime? Who needs food when you have Coke? So much more efficient, so much more pleasurable. I’m imagining the time savings and increased productivity if I had a little backpack that dispensed cold Coke to me all day.

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